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Small Business Accounting Services

Our small business accounting services include scheduled interim analysis of the progress and development of your business interests. Our goal is to provide clients with the tools needed in order to properly manage the business without interruption. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who are able to meet your bookkeeping needs in an efficient manner. We provide full bookkeeping services inclusive of insuring compliance with loan covenants when applicable. Small business services include the preparation of interim financial statements from source documents as provided by clients. We are able to efficiently maintain the general ledger, chart of accounts, and to prepare all requested reoccurring tax and information returns. We also prepare all business applications such as applications for various assigned taxing authority numbers, entity elections and classifications, etc. We also provide training to client staff members as requested.

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Sara A. Roberts, CPA, APAC • 724 Kirby St • Lake Charles, LA 70601
Phone: 337.493.3100